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We partnered with the Duggal team to create a custom piece introducing the new Landa S10 Nanographic Printing Press. This innovative press produces large and small format digital printing with high definition quality and clarity.


Our concept was inspired by the 4 Cs of diamonds, instead featuring the 3 Cs of printing on the Landa S10.

Using nanography, the Landa S10 prints in nano sized pigments giving each piece extraordinary crisp and clear reproduction. 

Color Features
The seven color press is able to hit 95% of Pantone colors and achieves elite color saturation and vibrancy across a range of materials - from plastic to label stock. 

Conscious Cost Savings
The press uses water based VOC-free inks for efficiency and less waste, without compromising quality. Its digital technology eliminates the need for printing plates and added costs.


We used vibrant floral photography and carefully selected Neenah paper to highlight the capabilities of the press. The front of each insert is designed as a mini poster.


A large fold out piece showcases color matching between its RGB process and traditional CMYK.
The folder encasing inserts is printed on a thicker card stock, an easy way to store materials. Sales brochures should be interactive, attractive, and inspire the customer to create. That was our aim when creating this piece.


Photography: Gabriela Herman
Print Production: Duggal Visual Solutions
Paper: Neenah, Inc

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