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In collaboration with Neighborhoods Now - a community-led pandemic recovery program for NYC, led by the Urban Design Forum and Van Alen Institute, we partnered with 82nd Street Partnership to create a brand identity as vibrant as the community it represents.


Local community organizations are underserved and rarely have dedicated design partners. MA’AM was committed to providing a comprehensive brand identity to reflect the passion, advocacy, and pride of the organization. This new identity bolsters the organization’s mission and well-positions them for grants, funding, and improvement goals.


82nd St Partnership is an award-winning neighborhood development organization for Jackson Heights and Elmhurst, Queens. Led by Leslie Ramos, the partnership exists to improve the quality of life and support business growth by creating a cleaner, more welcoming and sustainable neighborhood for everyone.


A diverse community, comprised of 160+ businesses across food, fashion, entertainment, and professional service, 82nd Street is one of NYC’s most lively and authentic market streets. With residents speaking over 160 languages, Jackson Heights is rich in culture. The vibrancy of the community and the street itself inspired our design concept for the new visual identity.

The logo is flexible and dynamic. The yellow street line can change to feature photography, text, flags from different countries, and pride organizations represented in the neighborhood. The flag, image, or keywords are always at the center of the logo just as the people are at the heart of the community.


Our color palette is inspired by the street with our primary colors as black, white, and yellow. An extended color palette honors the countries represented on 82nd Street - from red inspired by Peru and a dark green from the Bangladesh flag - these colors bring vibrancy to the design system. Various color combinations keep layout possibilities fresh.

Our primary typeface is Mundial by TipoType, a type foundry from Uruguay. Mundial translates as “Worldwide,” the idea of synthesizing characteristics from different traditions in a single typographic style. It's a rounded and approachable font with easy legibility for bilingual layouts. Our accent typeface is Beloved Script by Laura Worthington. This handwritten font adds a personal touch to marketing collateral and leaves room for customization of messaging.


The iconography collection was designed to complement various events and local initiatives - a way to further develop the visual language and organize content in memorable ways.

The entire visual identity is based on a grid system built on the street line – creating modular blocks of content mixed with color, type, imagery, and icons.
The strip can expand and contract in response to the layout size and content. 


Our photography art direction is bright and people-centric. It’s most important to reflect on the real community around us. Seasonal imagery is used to promote key events throughout the year.


Our partnership with Neighborhoods Now and 82nd Street Partnership was centered on signaling pride and optimism for what’s next by elevating their brand identity and presence in the community. As designers and creatives, it’s our duty to give back to our local communities.


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